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The Shakeout Podcast

Stories, interviews and discussions about the running world, from the editors of Canadian Running magazine.

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    Melissa Bishop-Nriagu on Coaching, Motherhood, and the Hunt for an Olympic Medal

    Last week one of Canada’s most decorated mid-distance runners opened her 2020 racing season with a bang. Melissa Bishop-Nriagu hasn’t been on the indoor circuit since the birth of her daughter, Corinne, 18 months ago. But the two-time Olympian, multiple time national record holder and World silver medalist has proved that she’s once again in fighting form.

    This week we talk with Melissa about overcoming injuries, her new coaching role, the challenges and joys of motherhood, and her quest for an elusive Olympic medal.

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    The Rundown for the week of January 6 2020

    Each Monday Canadian Running Staff writer Maddy Kelly and Shakeout host Kate Van Buskirk bring you a weekly recap of the news, results and drama from the exciting world of running. This is The Rundown.

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    The Greatest Canadian Ultra Runner You’ve Never Heard Of

    Every running community has its legends. In the world of Canadian mega-endurance, icons like Terry Fox and Rick Hansen are household names. These athletes captivated the imagination of the country, redefining the limits of human potential. But there is another man of the same era who fits this description. A man who thrived at exploits bordering on the preposterous, whose appetite for adventure proved insatiable, and who spent his life running away from his demons and towards an elusive dream. This man was Al Howie.

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    New Year, New Rundown!

    In the first episode of the decade, Maddy and Kate catch you up on the last 2 weeks of running excitement from their respective training camps in the American Southwest. It’s going to be a thrilling year on the roads, track, trails and cross-country courses. We’re pumped to get after it with you, our dedicated listeners!

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    The Rundown: A Decade in Review

    In our final episode of the decade we look back on some of the most memorable moments in Canadian running from the last 10 years. From national records to Olympic medals, age-defying performances to gritty comebacks, we recap every exciting stride!

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    The Rundown: Return from Injury Inspiration

    This week Maddy and Kate talk inspirational comebacks and dominant performances at the California International Marathon, Run Barbados and the Boston University Season Opener.

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    The Rundown ft. Cross-Country Standout Lucia Stafford

    This week Maddy Kelly and Kate Van Buskirk are joined by 2019 OUA and U Sports cross-country champion Lucia Stafford. A standout junior runner, Lucia is quickly establishing herself as one of the best collegiate athletes in Canada. She talks about her recent success, battling Graves Disease, and balancing an engineering degree with the goal of becoming an Olympian.

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    The Rundown ft. a Discussion on Maltreatment in Sport with Special Guest Lanni Marchant

    This week Maddy Kelly and Kate Van Buskirk are joined by special guest Lanni Marchant. This former Canadian marathon record-holder, multiple time national team member and criminal lawyer helps them break down last week’s results and news from the world of running. The three then take a deeper dive into the topic of maltreatment in sport. They discuss the response to the Mary Cain piece, take a read on current sport culture, and offer some suggestions about how to move forward.

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